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Three Dog Breeds That Get No Respeck

By Sara Mehtani    12.23.20

Dog Rankings

Every year the American Kennel Club ranks the top dog breeds among USA owners. Rather than focus on the popular ones, we thought we would bring you the ones bringing up the rear. Hey, unpopular dogs need lovin' too. If you know your breeds some the images here don't match the breed. Be patient...working on that...will fix it.

Finnish Spitz

Yksi, kaksi, kolme (that's 1-2-3 in Finnish), the Finnish Spitz places 183 out of 193 breeds. Great hunting dogs...especially if you are after bear or squirrel are to your taste.

Irish Setters

155 of 193? These guys were super popular in the 60's and early 70s...what happened?

Redbone Coonhouds...Seriously?

143 of 193. What could possibly go wrong selecting a name that mixes a racial slur with sexual innuendo. Breed needs IMMEDIATE rebranding!