Greenville, South Carolina

And God Created Tom Seaver

The Great Ones Come Along Every Ten Years

Apologies to Chazz Palmintieri (A Bronx Tale) and Roger Vadim/Brigitte Bardot (And God Created Woman) for strained movie metaphors, but Seaver was one of the great ones. Forget that he won 300 games, pitched a no-hitter, made the Hall of Fame on near-unanimous ballot. Seaver was a leader.

Like Manager Gil Hodges Seaver was a tough ex-marine

And he carried that mental discipline to the hapless Mets. Taking the perennial laughing-stock Mets to the championship in that famed 1969 season when the local Mets/Jets/Knicks all won championships.

Tom is in a better place now as they say

Alzheimers and Corona Virus finally felled him. So he's in Met Heaven with Casey (Stengel), manager Gil Hodges, and teammates Tommy Agee, Tug McGraw, Donn Clendenon, Ed Charles, Don Cardwell, and Cal Koonce.

PS: One Met he won't see in Heaven is M. Donald Grant, the surly owner who infamously traded Tom Terrific in 1977 over a contract dispute. Reports are that Grant is residing in a place that is very, very hot.